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The Bulb Project


This PowerPoint presentation goes through the results in a fun and interactive format. You could present the results to a class as a science lesson! There are lots of questions and talking points relating to the project that encourage pupils to think scientifically.

There is a supporting document available for teachers which we recommend you take a look at.

Quiz Corner

We have created some Kahoot quiz challenges based on the results. 

This is a fun and interactive activity that pupils can do on their own, or you could go through it as a class! Answer quiz questions looking at graphs based on the data sent in by our Super Scientists!

Thank you for sending in your data!

Level 1
We recommend this version for our younger Super Scientists. It is shorter and has simpler questions. Take a look at the graphs and think about why bulbs flowered at different times in different places.

Click here to take the challenge!

Level 2

This challenge looks at the charts in more detail and asks pupils to consider how the temperature and rainfall in different areas of the UK, and throughout the last four years of the project, could affect the flowering dates.

Click here to take the challenge!

Bulb Project Board Game

Board Game v2.png

Each player is a daffodil bulb that has been planted at your school. Your objective is to be the first bulb to flower by reaching the Finish stone. Along the way you might pick up some cards that will help you to grow or slow you down.

This is a fun way to get talking about the different factors that affect the growth of your bulbs. You can download the board and cards for printing below. You will also need one six-sided die and a counter for each player (recommended 2-6 players).

NMW interactive graph.png

Head over to the National Museum Wales website to take a look at the interactive graphs!


Results from Previous Years

2011 - 2012

2012 - 2013

2013 - 2014

2014- 2015

2015 - 2016

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Previous Years Results
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