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Science Venues Map

The following is a map of companies that schools have visited as part of their science projects. However the Edina Trust encourages schools to do their own research to find the science provider that best meets their needs. Other science providers would be considered for funding through the Science Grant Scheme.

For further information on these providers please follow the link to our science provider spreadsheet:

Edina has pulled together an index of free primary science resources for teachers. The resources are sorted by topic from broad range to coding and much more. Click the button for more information. 

Free Resources
Science Providers
Free Resources
Alt Funding, Gardening, Supp
Alternative Funding, Gardening Resources, Special Offers

For further information, please visit the following pages:


Other Grant Opportunities


Gardening Resources

Clothes Donation


Science Close Up Kit

The Edina Trust is happy to announce the development of its own resource kit. Measuring lenses can be used for close observation and accurate measurement of small items. The lenses provide an opportunity to practise small scale measurement, and have a strong cross-curricular link with mathematics as well as science.

These free kits are on offer to those primary schools in our Edina Trust Science Grant Scheme eligible areas who are in their last year of the scheme. Click the button to find out how to apply.

Edina Explorers
edina explorers logo colour 2.png

Edina has developed an outdoor exploration kit for early years level learners. The kit contains some equipment and exercises for a group of keen explorers!

These free kits are on offer to select voluntary early years settings. Click the button to find more information on the kit and how to apply.

Science Experiments

Hands-On Science Experiment Ideas

The Edina Trust has created the following for experiment ideas (please click the photos to download):









Other Science Providers' Experiment Ideas

The Royal Institution has created a series of short films making it fun, easy and cheap to do science experiments with children. Visit their website at for more ideas to develop cost effective science lessons.

Evolution and Inheritance
Reebops are model animals that can be used to demonstrate inheritance! Take a look at SSERC's bulletin about how you can use them in the classroom:
SSERC Primary Bulletin - Reebops

Sci Exeriment
All 2018 Books 1.jpg

Book Corner

We are collecting a list of recommended primary and early years science books. These books could inspire a science project at your school or nursery!

If you are applying for the Science Grant Scheme we are happy for schools to spend up to £200 on books. However please check if they can be covered by your school budget first, in which case you could spend that part of the grant on more hands-on science resources!

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