Edina Explorers

The Edina Explorers kits were designed with early years outdoor exploration and investigation in mind, however their application beyond that is only limited by the user's imagination. The exploration equipment is coupled with some complimentary visual, literacy, and numeracy resources to help guide the learning potential of the kit for the children and provide Early Years Practitioners with some ideas for its use. These resources will allow children to get outside and explore, developing foundational skills which span the whole of the Early Years curriculum, including the science strands that cover learning about the world they live in.

  • 3 Binoculars

  • 3 Jumbo Magnifiers

  • 6 Trowels

  • 3 Butterfly Nets

  • 6 Jumbo Tweezers

  • 3 Magnifying Pots

  • 1 Large Cotton Storage Bag

  • 1 Jute Storage Bag (for dirty kit)

  • 3 Picture & Word ID Card Sets

  • 1 Numeracy Activity (Photocopy-able Master)

These free kits are on offer only to voluntary early years providers within the current Edina Trust Science Grant Scheme eligible areas  with a limit of one kit per setting. Registration forms have been sent directly to selected settings in Hull, Wakefield, West Lothian, Fermanagh & Omagh, and Newry, Mourne & Down.

Settings must agree to complete a SurveyMonkey questionnaire at the end of the school year to help the Trust with monitoring and feedback: 


Please email Geraldine Marais if you have any queries at geraldine.marais@edinatrust.org.uk

Schools  can download the activity and results sheets by clicking the images below:


Edina Explorers

ID Card Example

Edina Explorers

Numeracy Card Example

Edina Explorers

How many bugs can you find? - Activity sheet