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Science Close Up

Measuring lenses can be used for close observation and accurate measurement of small items. The Science Close Up kits are suitable for use in KS2 and Scottish second level projects when pupils are ready to move on from magnifying glasses. It allows pupils to develop an understanding of small units of measurement (mm), reading of scales, and the decimal point. It gives the opportunity to use "real" science equipment with strong cross-curricular links with mathematics.


Each kit contains:

15 measuring lenses

15 plastic tweezers

15 petri dishes with lids

Laminated activity sheets

10 master result sheets (for photocopying)

These free kits are on offer to those primary schools in Edina Trust Science Grant Scheme eligible areas in their last year of the scheme with a limit one kit per school. (We have a limited number of kits available each year and applications are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis when applications are open). Schools must agree to complete a SurveyMonkey questionnaire at the end of the school year to help the Trust with monitoring and feedback (click here if you are ready to fill out the survey). 

The application process is now open. 

Please email Michael Buckley if you have any queries at

Schools that do not require the equipment can download the activity and results sheets by clicking the images below:


Activity Sheets Thumbnail.jpg
Results Sheets Thumbnail.jpg

Science Close Up Introduction Sheet

Science Close Up Experiment Pages (7 pages)

Science Close Up

Results Pages (10 pages)

Replacement Supplies

If you would like to purchase any of the same equipment that are available in these kits, please find the links to the suppliers below:

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