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Science Grant Scheme

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The Edina Trust Science Grant Scheme (SGS) is a non-competitive grant scheme. Funding is set aside so that there is enough for every school and maintained nursery in eligible areas to get the full amount.

Schools can use their grants for science resources, gardening equipment, science weeks, science subscriptions, science visits (in or out of school) and improving school grounds for science. 

The eligible areas for the 2022-23 school year are:

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon






Neath Port Talbot


South Ayrshire

The SGS runs in each area for three years. You can find out which year of the scheme your area is in by visiting our eligible schools page.

Our Grants
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School Grant

for Primary Schools and Special Schools

£700 per year for three consecutive years (total of £2,100).

Infant and Junior schools receive £350 for three consecutive years

(total of £1,050).

At school

Nursery Grant 

for Maintained Nurseries


One-off £500 grant at any point during the three year scheme. This includes stand-alone nursery schools and embedded nursery classes. 

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Apply for a Grant
Apply for a Grant

Please select the grant you wish to apply for (school or nursery) and choose your local authority from the drop down menu. 

N.B. You need to download the blank form to your own device before filling it in.

Open your saved copy, complete it, save your changes, and email it to the address given at the bottom of the form.

Visit our 'Tips on Applying' for guidance on filling out the form.

TIME SAVER: Alternatively, you can also choose from a selection of pre-filled application forms, which can be found below.



The Edina Trust has no partiality to whichever supplier you choose to purchase from. 

You can view current offers on our Special Offers page.


Primary, Infant, Junior, and

Special Schools


Maintained Stand-alone nurseries, and Nursery Units/Classes

If you have any problems please contact us and we will assist you with your application.

Data Logger Prefilled
  • Please select your school's local authority area and download the form to your device

  • Save it to your computer; then fill it in it with your school's details and save your changes.

  • Email it to the address at the bottom of the form.

Pre-filled Application Forms*

These pre-populated forms have been filled out for you, based on a selection of popular science curriculum topics. Many of the forms list items available through YPO, totalling ~ £700 for schools and ~ £500 for nurseries.

*NOT AN ORDER FORM* - Schools must progress all orders through the usual requisition channels to obtain listed science equipment

Electricity and Magnetism

At school

Human Body and Forensics


Data Loggers

Super STEM Bundle

You can find these data loggers on the Data Harvest website.

To order, you will need to email and quote "Edina Trust Data Logging @ £700".

You can find these STEM day boxes on The Curiosity Box's STEM Day in a Box website.

To order, add the bundle to your basket and quote "22EDINA23" at checkout.

General Science Cupboard

Outdoor Investigations


Nursery Forms

At school

Light and Colour


Messy Play: Mud Kitchen

Early Years

Coding & STEAM

Early Years Science


Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible Areas
& Consultants

Tips on Applying

SGS Reporting

How to Use the Grant

Special Offers


Super Scientists Anchor

Super Scientists Prize Draw Winners

Unity Academy (Blackpool)
Plantation Primary School (Knowsley)
Great Bridge Primary School (Sandwell)
Rooks Nest Academy (Wakefield)
Victoria Dock Primary School - nursery class (Hull)
St Martin's Primary School, Garrison (Fermanagh & Omagh)
St Paul's Primary School, Irvinestown (Fermanagh & Omagh)
St Teresa's Primary School, Tullyherron (Newry, Mourne & Down)
St Malachy's Primary School, Carrickcroppan (Newry, Mourne & Down)
St Conor's Primary School - nursery class (Fermanagh & Omagh)
Crosshill Primary School (South Ayrshire)
St Thomas' Primary School (West Lothian)
Bankton Primary School - nursery class (West Lothian)
Bryncethin Primary School (Bridgend)
Croeserw Primary School (Neath Port Talbot)
Coed Hirwaun Primary School - nursery class (Neath Port Talbot)
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School (Knowsley)

Holy Name Catholic Primary School (Sandwell)
Lyng Primary School (Sandwell)
Dane Royd Junior and Infant School (Wakefield)
Kirkmichael Primary School (South Ayrshire)
Kirkhill Primary School (West Lothian)
Cwmafan Primary School (Neath Port Talbot)
St Mary's Primary School, Maguiresbridge (Fermanagh & Omagh)

Past Super Scientists

For the list of Past Super Scientist winners, click here!

Super Scientists Prize Draw

We love to hear how our grants have impacted science teaching and learning in schools. Your approval email sets out your school's timescale for reporting back to the Trust. Please visit our 'SGS Reporting' page and select how you would like to tell us how our funding has made a difference in your school! 


Any school that provides feedback is entered into a prize draw to win two quality science books from our list of recommended science books. Don't miss out - the winners will be announced at the start of each new term!  

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