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How to Use the Grant

If you are in need of inspiration, take a look at some examples of what the Edina Trust will fund:

  1. school science weeks

  2. science visits including trips out of, or visits to, the school

  3. purchase of science equipment

  4. improving the school's grounds for science

  5. gardening resources (maximum £500 of £700 grant)

  6. science subscriptions

  7. early years science ideas

Science Week

Science weeks are an excellent way to inspire and enthuse children. A science week can be a great way to focus on one topic or teach a broad range of topics through methods such as practical investigations. Many schools incorporate visits, workshops and experiments into their week to make it both fun and informative.

1. Science Weeks


2. Science Visits 

Science visits out of school (science venues):

Many schools have used a grant from the Edina Trust to fund science trips out of school. There are many exciting places to visit across the UK. Please note, a maximum of half the total grant value can be allocated towards the cost of transport.


Science visits into schools (science workshops and shows):

Many schools incorporate visits as part of their science week or as a one off addition to enhance the learning of a certain science topic. However, it can be expensive to take a class out on a trip as travel costs are high so many science providers now run outreach programs to cater for schools that otherwise could not fund a trip.


A map containing some science providers Edina has funded can be found on our Resources & Links page.

Science Visits

3. Science Equipment

Purchasing science equipment with an Edina grant is a lasting way of embedding and extending children's hands-on experience of science in school. Many schools have used their grant to buy large pieces of science equipment they could not otherwise afford, or have used the grant scheme as an opportunity to 'stock up' the science cupboard.

Science Equipment

4. Grounds for Science

A science grant from the Edina Trust can also be put towards a project to regenerate school grounds. In the past many schools have created Forest School areas and wildlife areas. These can be used to enhance the teaching of science, offering an opportunity to learn outdoors.

Grounds for Science

5. Gardening Resources

Gardening projects are a great way to get children working outside and in groups. Many schools have used their garden to teach aspects of the science curriculum. The maximum grant available for gardening resources is £500, and the remaining grant can still be used for other science topics. And don't forget many gardening activities can be done using cheap or recycled materials!


Take a look at free gardening resources available to UK schools on our Gardening Resources page.

Gardening Resources

6. Science Subscriptions

As part of your science grant application, consider including a request for a school-wide science subscription such as:

  • Association for Science Education E-Membership

  • Learning through Landscapes

  • Techniquest

  • Tig-Tag

Science Subscriptions

7. Early Years Science 

We fund EY science science equipment and resources for indoor and outdoor explorative play. We have three pre-filled application forms on the following topics:

  • Light and Colour

  • Mud Kitchen

  • Coding and STEAM

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