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Gardening Resources Case Studies

Nettlefield Primary School,


Nettlefield Primary School created a three year plan to improve their outside learning space, where the whole school will investigate various topics including hibernation and climate change. During the first year of the scheme, they focused on improving the outdoor space and minibeast investigations. The students were very excited when the equipment arrived and they discussed what minibeasts may stay in their brand new hotel. The students were so eager about their lesson, they went to explore the school grounds - even if it was a little chilly!

Good Shepherd Nursery School,


Good Shepherd Nursery School wanted to create a Gardening Programme to create opportunities for students to engage in gardening and science activities. The children enjoyed their science project; they gained great knowledge and understanding of the garden area. They created new vegetable beds that provided experiences to touch, taste, and smell. They found that the children made a good social bonds with their peers and their language developed through working in pairs and small groups. The children really loved the hands on approach!

Gatehouse Primary School,
Dumfries & Galloway

The Nursery Class at Gatehouse Primary School created various science boxes to help support science development in the nursery class. Boxes included: gardening/growing/harvesting, minibeasts/life cycles, various weather topics and many more. Children have been weeding and sowing seeds, planted bulbs and learned the names of the different parts of the plants. They planned to grow leeks, potatoes, carrots and pumpkins to harvest in the following term. They also set up their own wormery and bought tiger worms. The children collect the food waste from the kitchen and compost it for use in their raised beds.

Marton Primary School,


Marton Primary School wished to expand and develop their school grounds in two main areas: the school garden (focusing on growing various plants) and an outdoor learning area (focusing on practical identification of local wildlife). The children have gained so much from being able to garden in all types of weather. With the resources purchased using the grant students have been able to test different soil types; monitor temperatures inside and out; plant and cultivate a wide variety of plants/seeds/bulbs; see roots growing in the hydroponics set and generally get outside more to explore and develop their knowledge of nature and science. 

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