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Science Equipment Case Studies
Cliftonville Integrated Primary School, Belfast

Cliftonville Integrated Primary School used their grant buy the data loggers bundle from Data Harvest and they now have the resources to carry out more practical lessons. The data loggers were used during the World War II topic to investigate which fabric would be the best for black out blinds and the children were amazed that they could quantify the amount of light! During their investigations, the children felt that they were proper scientists. They were able to integrate the measurable data from the loggers into their numeracy lessons. 

Sibsey Free Primary School,

Sibsey Free Primary School used their grant buy science equipment, mostly to improve their biology resources. They bought handheld microscopes, minibeast collectors and viewers, and binoculars. All of the resources have been a great help in teaching the curriculum and have helped to engage the children in science. They also ordered butterfly gardens which proved extremely successful with the children. They loved watching the caterpillars change and grow. The project provided opportunities for the children to observe closely and they were inspired to produce some excellent observational drawings and writing.

St Paul's Primary School, Slievemore

St Paul's Primary School in Slievemore used part of their grant buy much needed science resources. They focused on electricity and light resources, weather equipment and finally, mini beast collecting equipment. Another part of the grant was used for a Primary Upd8 subscription for the whole school to use. The resources allowed the children to engage in more practical scientific experiences and Primary Upd8 aided a lot of teachers in finding lesson ideas to coincide with the new science equipment. Overall the grant helped in all aspects of science teaching and learning!

William Barcroft Junior School,
North East Lincolnshire

William Barcroft Junior School used their grant for science equipment, they were revamping their topic based curriculum to ensure that science is embedded at the heart. Certain areas were lacking the required resources and they focused on filling those gaps. The new science resources were a huge success. Colour mixing LED torches were used in their science club where students learned that white light was made up of several colours. Year 5 students utilised the magnetism kit to develop their knowledge of forces. Having more resources allowed the children to explore their own investigations and link magnetism to space and forces. 

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