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Science Resources for Schools

in collaboration with STEM Learning

Edina Trust is proud to support primary schools participating in the STEM Learning ENTHUSE Partnership Programme. Every primary school taking part in an active ENTHUSE Partnership in Northern Ireland, Wales and England is entitled to a guaranteed one-off £400 equipment grant. This grant is to fund science resources that link to, and further the aims of, the ENTHUSE Partnership of which the school is a part. Edina will approve funding for quality hands-on resources for use in practical science investigation activities.


Current Eligible ENTHUSE Partnerships 

Submission deadline extended to: 

Armfield Academy

EP schools

Ballyclare High School

EP schools

CE Academy

EP schools

St James CE Junior
EP schools

Overton Grange School
EP schools

Ashton Keynes CE Primary School 

EP schools

St Patricks College, Dungannon

EP schools

Devonport High School for Boys
EP schools

Cronton 6th Form College
EP schools

St Cuthbert's Catholic Academy 
EP schools

Bourne Community College

EP schools

Sandhill View Academy

EP schools

St Joseph's Catholic High School
EP schools

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
EP schools



1. Complete the downloadable form (below) & email it to your EP Advisor.

2. Once approved the Advisor will forward your grant form to Edina Trust for payment.

3. Edina will acknowledge receipt and aim to make the payment within two weeks of receipt.

4. Edina will inform you of payment via email. 

5. The school ensures that the approved items are purchased without delay.

Grant Form

When you have received the instruction to access your Edina funding  

please download the grant form below



Please return your completed form to your EP Advisor for review.

Once approved it will be forwarded to Edina for payment. 

We aim to process your grant within two weeks of receipt;

you will be informed of payment via email. 


Once you have purchased the equipment and put it to use in the classroom,

you are asked to provide brief feedback about the impact of the funded items.

Please choose one of the methods below:



Report Form

Other Materials/


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