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Code of Conduct 

The Trust's shared values and core principles, along with the policies that apply to the various roles carried out by Edina representatives, are contained within the Trust's Code of Conduct. All trustees, staff, consultants, and volunteers are asked to review the

code clicking the button below and then to sign a copy of the Code

(ideally electronically) and send it to the charity.


All relevant policies are linked below for your reference*.

* Edina employees are employed by Edina's sister charity: The Kirkhouse Trust. The policies above are taken from the Kirkhouse Trust's Employee Handbook

but refer to all Edina representatives similarly.

Where there are references to Kirkhouse Trust's Head of Administration (HoA), non-employee representatives should read HoA as Edina Trust's Trust Secretary.  

If you have questions regarding any of the Trust's policies

please contact Geraldine in the first instance.

When you have reviewed the content of the Code and the policies relevant to your role,

please sign electronically, to confirm you have read the Code, and that you agree to act in accordance with its contents.

Please send your signed copy to Geraldine Marais

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