You can find these data loggers on the Data Harvest website.

To order, you will need to email and quote "Edina Trust Data Logging @ £599".

You can find these STEM day boxes on The Curiosity Box's STEM Day in a Box website.

To order, add the bundle to your basket and quote "19EDINA20" at checkout.

If you have any issues completing your form please get in touch - see contact us

Data Loggers

STEM Day in a Box... and Beyond!

Nursery Forms

Light and Colour

Messy Play: Mud Kitchen

Early Years Coding & STEAM

To find out more about our Science Grant Scheme, please click the button below:

Should you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us and get in touch! 

Pre-filled Application Forms

These forms can be used to apply for our Science Grant Scheme (please note if you are an Infant or Junior school you will have to edit these forms as the maximum entitlement is £300). They have been filled out for you based on a selection of popular science curriculum topics. All of the items listed are available through TTS, Curiosity Box, Data Harvest, or JTRS, (the supplier will be shown on the form) and amount to approximately £600 (or £420 for nurseries)

If you are ordering from TTS you will need to use the discount code EDINASC20 at the checkout to get 15% off.

  • Please select the area you are in and download the correct form and save it to your computer. Then complete it with your school's details, save your changes, and email it to the address at the bottom of the form.

  • If you are not able to order from TTS or would prefer to use a different supplier, please use one of our blank forms and copy the list of items you would like to get from your preferred supplier. The Edina Trust has no partiality to any supplier you choose.

Should you wish to build your own form from scratch please click the button below:

Special Notice for Schools in Scotland

If you use the PECOS ordering system, the in-built 10% discount code cannot be overridden by Edina's code. Please adjust your equipment list accordingly. EDINASC20 code is only valid for direct orders via TTS website or telephone. 

Electricity and Magnetism

Forensics and the Human Body

General Science Cupboard

Outdoor Investigations



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