National Science Providers

Science venues to visit:


Science Museums/Venues

Dundee Science Centre

The only UK science centre based on the five senses. Discover the wonders of science with over 80 hands-on interactive exhibits. Also provides science shows and workshops including: how to be a scientist, body bits, robolab and genes in a bottle.


Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester
Science sessions taught by a museum education officer, which include hands on practical activities and are closely linked with the national curriculum. Workshops include: forces and friction, light and colour, space, and flight.


National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory, London

Explore stories of maritime history from maritime treasures to the most up-to-date scientific discoveries. Provides a variety of multi-sensory, interactive sessions for learning opportunities across the curriculum, as well as actor-led sessions designed specially for schools. Sessions include: monster hunt, story house and polar exploration.

The Royal Observatory is home to Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian of the World, making it the official starting point for each new day and year, as well as housing the UK's largest refracting telescope. Also offers learning sessions including: red alert, my sky and think like an astonomer.


Science Museum, London

Exhibitions, hands-on galleries and events covering a wide variety of science topics including materials, energy, electricity and magnetism, the environment, and medicine and biology. Also includes the IMAX cinema.


The Natural History Museum
Science shows and workshops including Animal Vision, Earth Science Show - Rocks the House and the Variety Show. Also, science based workshops, hands on activities, and investigations on a wide range of topics including space, wildlife, and evolution. Contains the Darwin Centre, where children can take part in various shows such as The Animal Show, and browse the hi-tech multimedia Attenborough Studio.


The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Tours catered towards schools, with activities including: meet the astronomers, meteorite handling, moon phases and eclipses and a rocket building team activity.


Think Tank Science Museum, Birmingham

Thinktank offers fun and fascinating school visits for children of all ages. Primary school children will benefit from hands-on displays and interactive environments. Think Tank run workshops and shows; topics include our amazing bodies, changing materials, forces and friction and many more.

Zoos, Aquariums and Nature Reserves

Edinburgh Zoo
Edinburgh Zoo is strongly involved in the conservation of threatened species and habitats. They run a school programme called 'on the wild side of curriculum for excellence', which includes a variety of topics, such as: cycle of life, bone detectives, endangered animals and rainforest explorers.

London Zoo
London Zoo runs a programme for schools and this provides a unique learning experience with inspiring animal exhibits. Sessions include: African Mini Safari, Lifecycles, Movement, Endangered Species and Habitats and Adaptations.

Marwell Wildlife, Hampshire
Marwell Zoo's education officers can provide teaching sessions in the education centre. The sessions have a strong link to the national curriculum, but the emphasis is on first hand opportunities and participation. The session topics includes talks on: Fur, feather and scales, Rainforests, Senses, Conservation, Adaptation to Habitat and more.

Sea Life
There are various Sea Life centres across the UK, offering talks and tours on a variety of marine related subjects tailored to your groups age range and curriculum topics.They combine active, hands-on learning with educational talks and an opportunity to have an up close and personal view into the aquatic world.

Welsh Mountain Zoo

Located high above Colwyn Bay in North Wales, the Welsh Mountain Zoo provides the opportunity to see some of the rarest animals from around the world including Snow Leopards, Chimpanzees, Red Pandas and Sumatran Tigers. The zoo offers a free education service with national curriculum linked learning sessions, workshops of your choice and education packs. The session topics include: Classification, Life Processes and General Hands-on sessions.

Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire
Whipsnade Zoo runs a programme for schools. Sessions include: We Are Animals, Hairy and Scaly, Habitats and Adaptations and Colour and Camouflage. A hands-on session called Touch and Talk is also available.

Science workshops/outreach:

Science Shows

Dinostar Dinosaur Workshops 

Interactive and hands-on talks about dinosaurs, featuring specimens of genuine and replica fossils. Workshops include: 'Introduction to Dinosaurs', 'Recreating Fossils' which allows pupils to produce their own fossils, and 'Dinosaur Dig' which teachers pupils about Dinosaur excavation.


Generation Science

Generation Science is the Edinburgh International Science Festival's outreach science programme; providing science workshops and shows to schools and traveling to remote areas of Scotland to run workshops that make science exciting to learn and teach. Generation Science offer a wide range of workshops that cover a variety of curriculum relevant topics that have been tailored to each age range. Topics include: Body Builders; Day or Night?; Fizz, Boom, Bang; and Fur, Feather, Skin and Scales.

Kinetic Theatre for Science
Email: / Tel: 0161 236 1448
25 years experience touring UK Primary schools with science theatre productions. High quality musical comedies for the whole primary range or separate KS1/KS2 shows, on topics such as plants/materials/light/forces/water & space/sound. Great fun and a marvelous and highly effective way to learn about science.
(Please note that the shows are only available in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland).


Mad Science
Interactive workshops combining education and entertainment, which cover topics such as dinosaurs, body basics, polymers and electricity


Primarily Science
Professionally led, tried and tested science workshops to promote active learners with enquiring minds. Bespoke to suit your school's needs or existing popular titles such as Mad, Messy Materials and The Secrets of our Solar System. Supported by Edina Trust grants.


Proeducation Ltd
Science shows/workshops/staff training. Shows include: Dr Marks Amazing Magical Science, The Art of Science, and Mad Materials.


Quantum Theatre

Science themed plays, including: Bin Raider (recycling and the environment), Inspector Clueless (materials and their properties), and The Starry Messenger (Earth and beyond)


Science Made Simple

Science Made Simple brings science to life with live, interactive science and engineering shows. They have a wide range of shows that can be tailored to all ages and individual needs of your audience. Their highly skilled, passionate presenters will bring everything with them needed to enthuse your pupils in science, with a great deal of fun and audience participation. Bases are located in Cardiff, Milton Keynes and Manchester, and cover the whole of the UK.

Sphere Science
Brand new workshops (and old favourites) from Sphere Science are inspiring pupils and encouraging teachers throughout the UK. In practical, hands-on sessions they communicate curriculum content in a lively and enjoyable way and support pupils (and teachers) at all levels of understanding to develop scientific thinking.


The Science Museum Outreach Programme
A variety of shows and workshops individually catering for different year groups and the curriculum requirements. Shows include: The Bubble Show, Feel the Force, Glorious Blood, and Get a Grip.


Think Tank Outreach

Lively and entertaining shows, including: Healthy Bodies: Inside out, Electrifying Science and Fabulous Forces.




Explorer Dome

Dome Shows plus shows and workshops incorporating the national curriculum. Shows involve audience interaction and hands-on experiments to make science exciting, inspiring and easy to handle. Topics include space, forces, light, sound, the body, earth, creation, bubbles, matter and more.


Science Dome

Science dome is designed to explore science, geology and geography in an interactive way. The schools programme includes shows such as space exploration, earth and beyond, light and sound and solar system tour.


The Black Hole Planetarium

The Black Hole Mobile Planetarium has been informing, exciting and delighting audiences since November 2000. The Key Stage 2 topics of "Earth & Beyond" and "Light & Shadows" are presented within the unique and stimulating learning environment of the darkened planetarium dome.



Animal Shows & Experiences

The Animal Man

Lectures are illustrated with four wild animals; amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal. All animals are taken among the pupils for close visual appraisal and in most cases for handling. Information such as classification, world distribution, and relative rareness are given. Close links with the national curriculum.


Eggucation offers the ethical choice in classroom chick hatching. All the amazing rare breed chicks hatched in classrooms are from their own pampered birds and are ones they would be hatching as part of their conservation programmes.  Therefore all of the chicks are collected at the end of the project in your school, then grown on in grassy pens. The bird's welfare is their top priority. Eggucation also delivers a bespoke STEM lesson to your pupils when they come in and set up your incubator - with a fabulous ‘meet and greet’ with their tame hens! Eggucation also offers bespoke half and full day workshops for the whole school.


Martin Rapley - The Big Bug Experience
A wow factor packed big bug science show. Features at least ten different bug species around the world.


Rainforest Roadshow

The Rainforest Roadshow aim to share the magic and encourage a greater understanding of the rainforest ecosystem. Includes presentations and workshops incorporating a range of artefacts and animals.



Curriculum based workshops for children. Hands on workshops featuring a variety of animals including snakes, tarantulas, lizards, scorpions and frogs. Zoolab has a network of fully qualified professional rangers.