Lincolnshire Science Providers

Hull and North East Lincolnshire

Science venues to visit:


Science Museums/Venues

Greens Mill and Science Centre, Nottingham
Green Mill is a working Mill in Nottingham, operated in the early 19th century by George Green. Green was a mathematician and physicist, and was the first person to create a mathematical theory of electricity and magnetism. In the small science centre you can explore the fascinating story of George Green and his achievements and experiments with the things that fascinated him, such as light, electricity and magnetism.


Whisby Education Centre
Whisby Education Centre lies just outside Lincoln, surrounded by 370 acres of nature reserve. It has been carefully designed to balance countryside recreation, nature conservation and environmental education.


Woolsthorpe Manor - The Home of Isaac Newton
Discover the home of Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most influential scientists of all time. The famous apple tree that inspired his theories on gravity is still available to see, and the award winning Science Discovery Centre provides the opportunity to explore some of Newton's ideas for yourself, such as light and optics. Members of staff are happy to humour all of your scientific queries, no matter where your ability lies.



Zoos, Aquariums and Nature Reserves

The Deep
Let your students enjoy a unique and memorable experience as you travel from the beginning of time and into the future. Dive into exciting exhibits including our breath-taking coral reef at the Lagoon of Light, interesting creatures in our Slime exhibit, some of our biggest sharks in Endless Oceans and creatures of the Amazon in the Flooded Forest.


Woodside Wildlife Park
Woodside Park is an ideal location for school visits, welcoming roughly 7,000 students a year. Their guided tours, ideally aimed at children aged 1-4, are tailored specifically to the needs of your school's curriculum. Educational activities such as learning about habitats and life cycles go hand-in-hand with exciting opportunities, like handling reptiles and observing exotic animals such as endangered tigers and white wolves.


The Parrot Zoo
Our education sessions are available for any number of students of any age. The Zoo is able to cover all of the key stages, and specialist areas upon request, to tailor sessions to individual needs.


Skegness Aquarium
Skegness Aquarium is a brand new facility to Lincolnshire. With packages specifically adapted for different key stages, each school's visit will be fascinating and educational.


Rand Farm - Living Farm Experience
As a working farm, Rand Farm is able to provide year round baby animals for its full educational programme. Children will obtain a clear idea of where their food comes from and our experienced team will ensure you get the most from your visit.


Natureland Seal Sanctuary, Skegness
Awarded a certificate of excellence from trip advisor, Natureland is a sanctuary dedicated to rehabilitating orphaned seals from Lincolnshire beaches. With penguins, reptiles, insects and goat feeding, the park has a myriad of spectacles to enjoy.

Animals UK

The animal workshops are the perfect choice for your school.  With a large emphasis on making learning fun whilst being educational they encourage students and teachers alike to get involved. With the opportunity of holding and stroking the animals the interactive workshops really do bring your curriculum to life.

Science workshops/outreach:


Science Shows

Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning

Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning offers an exciting range of curriculum linked science enquiry Outdoor Learning activities within your school grounds for children of all ages.  We also provide offsite fieldtrips to investigate the river or coasts.  Making memories through Outdoor Learning.

Science Matters
Science Matters is an enterprise based in Lincolnshire offering a wide range of science related activities which are hands-on and engaging. From practical sessions exploring the structure of DNA to investigating the wonders of forensic science, the wide range of activities offered by the organisation are sure to provide something for everyone.


Rand Farm - 'Hire an Incubator' Outreach
Before your eyes, see new life emerges and hire an incubator for your school. This is a unique opportunity for your class and truly memorable for pupils.


Pulse CSI
Full Day Workshop programmes for Primary Schools on a nationwide basis. All workshops are tailored accordingly to KS2 and your schools timetable. If your school is looking to raise aspirations and attainment in Science & STEM this workshop will certainly meet your objectives.


The Museum of Technology - Loan Boxes
Loan boxes allow children to experience real objects in the classroom. Teachers notes are provided with loan boxes and the Museum's website and the E2BN gallery can be used for further research. The E2BN gallery has thousands of high quality searchable images which can be downloaded and used by teachers and children.


Dr D's Science Days
Aimed at a KS2 audience these interactive in-school activities will inspire and engage children with science through a combination of demonstrations, hands-on experiments, games and role-play activities. A range of activities linked to the KS2 curriculum are available, and these can be adapted to form a bespoke workshop to fit with your school's particular priorities or chosen cross-curricular theme.



Animal Shows

Animal Roadshow Presentations
Educational sessions (presentations and workshops) involving a wide variety of living specimens of different species, all of which are friendly, tame, handleable and entirely trustworthy. All sessions are delivered by a qualified, professional educator and zoologist.