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Prefilled Forms

These forms can be used to apply for our Science Grant Scheme. They have been filled out for you based on a selection of popular curriculum topics. All of the items listed are available through TTS (except for the data loggers*) and amount to approximately £600 (or £420 for nurseries) when using the discount code EDINA18 at the checkout to get 15% off.

Please note that the discount code has changed to EDINA18

Please select the area you are in and download the correct application form to your computer. Then complete the downloaded version with your school's contact and BACS information, save your changes, and email it to the address detailed at the bottom of the form.

School Forms

Science Cupboard

Includes various experiment kits including an electricity experiments class kit.
Outdoor Investigations

Includes items such as a bird box with wireless camera, ID guides, and children's gardening tools.
Lego WeDo Coding Set

Includes a Lego WeDo 2.0 Class Pack Bundle, Lego construction kit, and extra accessories.


Includes the Electricity Experiments Class Kit and various other electricity resources.
Data Loggers*

Includes five Vu+ Data Loggers, two Vu Heart Rate Monitors, charging tray, and teachers' guide.
Forensics and the Human Body

Includes forensics kits, a skeleton model, stethoscope, and various other human body resources.

*You can see these data loggers on the Data Harvest website. To order, you will need to email and quote "Edina Trust Data Logging @ £599".

Nursery Forms

Light and Colour

Includes a light panel, a dark den, a sensory glow kit, and other resources.
Messy Play: Mud Kitchen

Includes a mud kitchen, potions and concoctions mixing kit, and messy play accessories.
Messy Play: Water and Sand

Includes an outdoor guttering and channelling set, sand trays, and more.
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